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The curriculum for all children at Hade Edge is broad and balanced and follows the framework laid down in the 2014 National Curriculum and the 1988 Education Act, by:

  • Promoting the intellectual, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual development of children at the school and in society.
  • Preparing children for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences they will encounter on their journey through life.
  • Giving emphasis upon the core subjects: Maths, English and Science. Foundation subjects cover Computing Technology; Design Technology; Religious Education; History; Geography; Music; Art; Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education; Physical Education.
  • Equipping all classrooms with Interactive White Boards, tablets and computers. All our children are taught a variety of skills using a carefully selected range of software. Children are able to access information from the internet using appropriate sites.
  • Being aware that the curriculum of the school goes beyond formal lessons. Quality of relationships, recognition of the unique individuality of each child and their needs, are of paramount importance. Emphasis is placed upon a stimulating, working environment, where children’s work is valued and displayed with care. The school has a successful School Council where elected pupils discuss issues important to the pupils and the school.

The curriculum has been carefully planned by staff to provide for breadth and balance between the varying demands of the National Curriculum subjects. It also provides for progression, continuity and regular assessment of pupils’ progress. As we have mixed classes the children are grouped so that the teacher can meet the needs of every child. The teacher takes into consideration the different ability ranges and levels of maturity when planning the work for the class. At the same time the teacher works with each individual as a member of the group.

Parents receive information about the topics to be covered at the beginning of each term in order to encourage and support their children’s learning. This helps parents and families to support the child’s learning and have an understanding of our curriculum