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Marvellous Meerkats

Love of learning

In the Meerkats we aim to make the school week fun, hands on, engaging and a memorable experience, ensuring your child returns home smiling about the day they have had at school.

Hade Edge School has mixed classes, we work on a 2-year cycle which allow the children to cover all necessary skills and objectives over the two years they are in each phase. 

Over the two years, we encourage your child to have a love for learning, passion to write, a wild imagination, to think outside the box, to act out their expressions and feelings, to retell stories with enthusiasm, to always ask for challenges and to grow in their independence.

Year One

When the school year starts in September, many Year One children have only just had their fifth birthday so it is important that the transition from Early Years to Year One allows them the opportunity to continue learning through first-hand experiences.

Year One continues to provide many of the opportunities that children will already have experienced in Early Years, including opportunities for role-play, creativity exploring and investigating. English, Maths and Phonics lessons are taught every morning with the wider curriculum being taught in the afternoons.

Alongside on-going assessments, the National Phonics Test is taken by Year One children during the summer term.

Year Two

The Year Two children will continue to develop as independent learners and work towards developing dynamic, enquiring minds. Mirroring Year One, the children will be taught English, Maths and Phonics daily with the wider curriculum being taught in the afternoon.

At the end of Year Two children are assessed against end of key stage expectations and results in reading, writing and maths are published nationally.