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Our school has, for many years, recognised the fundamental importance of Technology teaching both as a discrete subject, and as an integrated tool to be used in the wider curriculum. 

For the purpose of this, we loosely define ‘technology’ as something which: 

•    helps to automate a process which has multiple stages (eg a washing machine).

•    assists in the electronic enhancement of information storage and retrieval.

•    facilitates communication (verbal and non verbal) between people.

The school aims to equip its children with the necessary skills and knowledge in computing to be able to use contemporary technologies to enhance their work and lives. 

We work to provide as many opportunities as possible for children to develop their core skills, thus giving them a competitive edge in the every more technologically demanding learning and working environments of today.

Our primary goal is to build children’s confidence in the subject, so that they need never ‘fear’ technology as many adults do, who have not been immersed in technology themselves from an early age!

We believe Cooperation, Compassion, Empathy, Happiness, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Self-worth, Tolerance and Trust are central values that underpin our school and are the foundations for everything the children learn. 
Many of these values are integral to the Computing curriculum and lessons provide numerous opportunities to develop and deepen the understanding of them. Cooperation is evident as children are required to work in partnerships. We also provide opportunities for children to work in mixed age range pairings (learning partners). Respect is expected to be shown to others at all times. Compassion and Empathy are an integral part of the esafety curriculum, with particular relevance to issues surrounding cyber bullying and social media.  Children are encouraged to think about their Self-worth in respect of their use of social media, especially when considering the implications of sending inappropriate text and personal images using technology (eg ‘sexting’).  Responsibility is a core requirement of all stakeholders using technology, particularly when using network or internet connected devices.