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Rural Place Partnership Project 2021 - 2023

northorpe hall

What is the Rural Place Partnership Project?

Over the next two years, our school will be a part of a project called the Rural Place Partnership Project with Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust.  

The aims of the project include:  

  • Supporting schools, parents and community organisations to understand mental health and wellbeing issues faced by children, young people and families.  
  • Providing schools and families with tools, resources, skills and networks to take a more preventative approach and ensure early intervention, help and support.  

Emotional Wellbeing Lead

At Hade Edge School, our Emotional and Wellbeing Lead is Mrs Koltuk.

We will also be supported by Nina, an Education Link Worker from CAMHS.

A message from Nina:

My name is Nina Thomas and I work as the CAMHS Education Links Worker for the Holmfirth Family Hub and the Holme Valley North Hubs based at Northorpe Hall, Child and Family Trust. My role is to raise awareness and increase knowledge around Mental and Emotional Health. 

I have worked with Children and Young People for around 20 years in numerous different roles from Targeted Youth Support with the Youth Service to Head of Year at local High School. I have worked at Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust for nearly 4 years gaining experience and knowledge of Children and Young People's Mental and Emotional Health. 


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