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Week 3 - 17/01/22


This week our focus is on African Fables.

We are going to watch some fables being told.

We are going to share fables verbally linking with how they are traditionally a story that is told.


We are finally going to write our own fables.


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This week we are looking at Religion in The Kingdom of Benin and starting to design and create some clay tiles.


Je m’habille (clothing)

Describing clothes with colour and size https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/describing-clothes-with-colour-and-size-chhk2r


We are looking at some traditiona African patterns by looking at how the Ndebele people decorate their homes and what they wear. We are going to produce our own patterns using our research as inspiration.


Investigating the strength of paper by changing variables.


In PSHE we are going to continue discussing who we can contact in an emergency and what information they may ask.